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                                Three Things That Can Make A Difference In The Photography Journey 

One doesn’t need the talent to become a good photographer. You can work hard to become one. If one person can do it, anybody can do it. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body, you can be a good photographer. Some people are naturally talented, they pick up the camera, learn the basic manual settings, and they are off taking amazing photos. Simultaneously, some people struggle years and years by watching YouTube videos and trying to get better practicing. 


Some things can make a difference in your photography journey. The first thing is not comparing you to other photographers. Comparing to other photographer is almost like going to the gym and getting a membership comparing to get a buff chiselled boy that’s been working out for five years or more. You can’t compare to him because he has a lot more experience than you. When you compare you lose motivation, you think you are not good enough and think about quitting photographer. Instead, use their work as inspiration.

The second thing is to take advantage of YouTube University. Some so many good photographers teach on YouTube. The good thing about YouTube is that it’s free and you can learn anything, you can learn to photoshops, use flash, and pose, so take advantage of it. The third thing is one has to work hard. No matter how cold it’s outside, you better shoot some doorknobs or the ketchup on the counter. These are certain things you should do to become a good photographer. To get more information on photographer please check out Simon Zack.


There is nothing in photography that you can’t learn. One might think that some people were born creatively, but it’s not true. You can also creatively see things; if you want it, you go to work for it. Hard works pay off. There is no magic formula; one has to work a little harder than the other, but eventually, you will get there. To become a photographer one only needs a camera and dedication.